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This Week’s Political Campaign in my head: Congress! “We’re Gunning for YOU!”

In the plainest terms, you all work for us, you'll do what's in our best interest or we'll find someone who will.

Every once in awhile I get the itch to become political. Not to be confused with socially active, but actually political. Engage my party and constituents, come up with regional and National strategies, Coalition build and raise funds, maybe even run for office! But then Netflix will post another great original series for me to binge and there goes that idea and the following weekend.
(By the way, you definitely need to check out The Crown, it’s crazy.)

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Thus instead I end up having great strategies play out in my head. Which works out best because then there’s no one to tell me I’m wrong or how it would never work.
This time the national strategy is to solve the issue of gun control.

Government research on gun violence has been banned in this country for the last 20+ years. Guns kill roughly 35,000 Americans a year. They’re a threat to public health, yet we’re not allowed to discuss gun violence as a public health issue because of The Dickey Amendment, first approved by Congress in 1996. It effectively banned all federal funding from being spent on research that could lead to gun control, which has since spread from the CDC to the NIH, the federal agencies primarily tasked with protecting the public health. It’s been 22 years. 22 LONG ASS YEARS.  While an executive order in 2013 from President Obama sought to free money up to the CDC in new budget appropriations, the control of the allocations in the budget still remain in control of Congress, many of whose members have seen their election campaigns backed by six and even seven-figure contributions from the NRA.

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Lets break this shit down, shall we…

The recent massacre in Parkland Florida has given me clarity on three basic fundamental truths about this issue:

1) The NRA can literally do whatever the hell it wants because it spends so much money, financially and politically, backing candidates for office all around the country. In the last election cycle alone, the NRA spent 55 million dollars supporting various candidates for office through campaign contributions. Money is the ultimate form of speech. Smdh

Guns are more destructive than cars, but guns are more accessible than buying a car. The DMV has roughly five different types of licenses to operate a motor vehicle. From your basic everyday license to drive a car to various commercial truck driving licenses.

Fun Fact:While the number classifications vary state to state, the average motor vehicle permitting classifications consist of Class A, B, C, D, M, and V licenses valid for 4 years. CDL permits are valid for 1-2 year.

There’s a separate license to operate a train and of course a motorcycle. Why is it that there aren’t multiple types of licenses to own various types of firearms? Why is it that the same license or permit that buys handguns or standard-issue sidearms, can also buy assault rifles or even rocket launchers?

There are no extra rigorous gun safety courses that make you jump through multiple hoops, but we have those extra precautions to get a standard driver’s license. You can’t even take the written exam and the driving test on the same day. In many states you can’t drive to or from the testing sites on the day of your exam. But when it comes to acquiring firearms it seems like you can do whatever you want. All it takes is a basic fingerprinting & background check and a firearms safety course which you can even do as an online webinar. Doesn’t this sound unbalanced when compared to the hoops we must jump through to get a driver’s license?

Gun Money by State via @tableaupublic

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Framing a conversation is the number one contingency for progress on an issue.

We’re continuing to allow the narrative to be scapegoated, the mental health community and support programs, rap music and even family values. As if every mass-murdering shooter is a rap fan with mental health problems who came from a broken home. (Do your googles… the majority of them have been privileged ass brats, who threw deadly tantrums.)

The NRA and organizations like it, always decide the ‘real issue,’ deflect and move on. And then the cycle starts all over again.

Voting With Money

And my brilliant idea finally puts that all to rest.

Even ‘Mashable‘ has compiled a list : It’s easier to buy a gun than do these 100 things in America

Here’s a List every Congressional member who took money from the NRA campaign contributions directly or indirectly.

 And here are the numbers to support the data.

Photo Credit: The Center for Responsible Politics & CNN

Oh it ain’t just a Republican thang… Democrats get down and dirty as well.


You don’t take money from an organization and then vote against the organization’s primary interests.

Photo Credit: The Center for Responsible Politics & CNN
Photo Credit: The Center for Responsible Politics & CNN

These members of Congress feel indebted to their campaign contributors not their constituents. The only way to truly send them a message, is for them to know who pays their salaries and puts them in these positions of leadership and power. In the plainest terms, you work for me, you’ll do what’s in my best interest or you won’t have a job anymore. Stop asking nicely. Stop making abstract capitulation of the issues. Look them squarely in the eyes and tell them to create comprehensive gun control reform or I will vote for someone who will. Do this or I will spend every waking moment working to remove you from office.


Do the right thing for America or come November “I’m gunning for you.”

– M.


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