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Man, I stay in Facebook Jail over some BS #FreeMe

So Facebook just can play foostie with Putin, But I can't post a pic on Titty Tuesday?! HYPOCRISY!!!

I’m in Facebook Jail over some BS. And it’s not the first time. Facebook has been really cracking down and it seems like a severe violation of my First Amendment rights! Okay I have no evidence to support this and I’m sure these kind of things are covered in the fine print of the user agreement that no one ever reads.

So here’s the thing. Except for a few troll sessions, I mainly get banned for stuff posted in secret groups among friends. I feel like I should be able to say whatever with my close private circles.

I have this extra layer of indignance because who of all people is Facebook to be telling aaaaaaaanybody about proper guidance to post, seeing how they were indirectly complicit in the misinformation campaign led by Russian backed entities involved in the 2016 Presidential race. So y’all just gon’ play footsie with Putin, But I can’t post a pic on “Titty Tuesdays”?! ALLEGEDLY!!!

giphy5 giphy6

So here I am, locked under the keyboard, like Meek Mill. The positive is its not a complete ban. I’m allowed to sign in and scroll, but I can’t post, comment, like or message anyone. Its kinda like a strip club, where you just have to watch and not touch, even in the champagne room. Yup, Facebook is currently a shitty strip club.


But it’s so demoralizing. And I have nobody to complain to. Because Facebook offers little to no direct support on almost all major technical issues. They just usually refer you to some FAQ page or some community post support thread. Which is complete utter garbage. But then I’m forced to remember, I’m a USER and not a CUSTOMER, so I don’t have certain rights. Customers pay for a service and users do not. Which is why we have to deal with stupid ads and other annoying interruptions.

Facebook still be on that bullshit though. If our group has a set of guidelines and rules and no one else is complaining, then why are you on my case?! Why don’t you stop those Russian bots from posting about Hillary eating pizza with rat meat on it and murdering kittens and allowing five million MAGA idiots to repost it?! Nooo, cuz hawking my every damn move on “The Book” is WAAAY more important.

I was so mad when Facebook bought Instagram then changed the algorithm for what’s in your feed. The change sucks. ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž Stop tweaking and touching stuff, it’s annoying!!!

This is why I need to spend more time on twitter anyway…
I’ll be out in like 20 days, I’m low…

– M.


1 comment on “Man, I stay in Facebook Jail over some BS #FreeMe

  1. Lol Facebook is a shifty strip club ๐Ÿ˜‚


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