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Boycotting The Super Bowl is easier than expected this year.

Are we absolutely sure They both can't lose?

Many fans including myself, were posed with two of the most important questions of the season, as we became more convicted in our protest of the NFL for their problematic behavior surrounding their fan base and the treatment of Colin Kaepernick. Will you boycott the Super Bowl? and would you still boycott the Super Bowl if your team was in it?
With all the conviction that I can muster, I have resoundingly answered both questions; YES.

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The answer to those questions sounded even more dubious and skeptical because most know that I’m a Dallas Cowboy fan; my apologies, I’m incorporated into the domain of fandom of the five-time Super Bowl winning organization also known as America’s Team, The Dallas Cowboys.

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Which leads to a special kind of arrogance Swagger, and dare I say obnoxiousness, but you should also, that how I counterbalance that is because I am also a New York Knicks fan.


But my personal center is that more than anything else, I’m a black man living in America. Under normal circumstances, I would rock my Dallas fandom with a level of pride that’s hard to match, but this year that didn’t happen. Instead, from almost immediately in the early preseason, I was uncomfortable and agitated in the lack of decency and human respect that came from my own organization. From Dez Bryant’s comments to Jerry Jones’s direct look in the camera while taking a knee for his own spectacle and showmanship, I gracefully and diligently bowed out of the season.


But now the last game is upon us, the proverbial “Holy Day” in professional sports, the Super Bowl. While there is nothing like this experience, this game just doesn’t seem to have the same luster as usual. I believe mainly it’s because the match-up is two teams that are so easy to hate. On one hand you have the five-time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots who sustained a dynasty for almost 18 years projecting a model of consistency and professionalism that most organizations wish they could aspire to.
But they’re also documented cheaters.

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Bob Kraft and Tom Brady are admitted avid #45 supporters. And quite frankly the aura that they carry as a team and as an organization just screams white privilege and entitlement. I know it when I see it; I’m also a Yankees fan.

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The other side of this “Gridiron Clash of the Titans” features the Philadelphia Eagles A-Team made up of the sum of its parts that embodies the spirit of it City Blue Collar gritty. The team that will fight to the end. The team that will “take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.” The team that has the most obnoxious rambunctious flagrantly disrespectful and oftentimes belligerent fan base that has ever existed on planet Earth. They’re braggadocious, aggressive and quite frankly, for absolutely no goddamn reason, the team has only been to the Super Bowl 3 times and is lost every time and badly the fan base are sore losers and sore winners.

Photo Credit: HLN

Count on them burning Philadelphia to the ground win or lose… most likely lose… This is a franchise that has a fan base once booed Santa in a game (1968) and once threw snowballs with batteries in the middle at an opposing team injuring sideline coach, Google it. An Eagles fan once smuggled a flare gun into the stadium and fired it into a section of empty seats, which finally caught the attention of city officials. A Flare GUN. Smdh. Oh Yeah, they also like to punch police horses. HORSES. Repeatedly. On multiple occasions.

Photo Credit: HLN

Quite frankly, neither one of these teams deserves to win the Lombardi trophy. If the game could end in a tie, most of America would probably be relieved. But like the car wreck that is The #45 Presidency, most of America will be tuning in. But for the ones who are still kneeling with Colin Kaepernick or standing by Lucky Whitehead, the matchup has made it a lot easier to tune out.

And if anyone has been wondering… It’s been 338 days since March 3 2017, When Colin Kaepernick opted out of his San Francisco 49ers contract. He’s STILL a free agent.

– M.


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