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Letter to Meek Mill

You started out showing us what Dreamchasing looks like; Don't stop now.

Dear Meek,

I hadn’t heard that you had been sentenced to 2 – 4 years in prison until late last night.

2 – 4 years for violating probation, which you only received on charges that were eventually dropped.

2 – 4 years despite the advice from prosecutors who said, according to Variety, “He’s been drug free since January and has complied with most requirements of probation.”

2 – 4 years.

We could discuss the injustice, the bias, the double standards, and the hypocrisy of this criminal justice system that we live in but I would rather just talk to you — not about you — to you.

While, in my mind, there is no denying that the issues listed above are true and can be seen across case after case after case, I don’t want to let you off the hook.

The friend who told me about the situation, started to imply that you were out here being dumb.  I take umbrage at that statement.


Because I think this is what we do to our young black men everyday.  They make a mistake and we jump to, “they are dumb” or “just stupid” or “he don’t know no better.”

My opinion:  these situations have less to do with how smart one is and more to do with the inner circumstances that compel us to make our decisions.

Everyday we are all confronted with opportunities.  The choices we make determines how these opportunities manifest in our lives.  We don’t always make the “right” choices.  That is Life.  The difference between us and you: we don’t make our choices with the world watching us.

The system is fucked.  No question.  I also believe we have some control over where our life leads.  We have seen you in different situations over the last year or so.  Maybe not you personally, but your people.  We don’t have to name names; the situations speak for themselves.  I would say that Life, The Universe, God, whatever name you choose, has a way of slowing us down and forcing us to examine ourselves.

When we find ourselves in adverse situations it means there is something for us to learn about ourselves and the world at large.  I’m not sure anyone can teach it to you; you have to learn it for yourself.

I don’t know you and you don’t know me.  which is why I can’t tell you what you have to learn. I won’t try to.  I don’t know the ins and outs of your life.  who does besides you?Which is why it has to be you.

My prayer is though this situation may look bleak, you take the time and do the work to excavate the lesson that Life has for you.  In the end, I believe you will look at this misery and say, “there is where I found my miracle.

I don’t think you are dumb and I think you know a lot better.  But I also think you are where you are for a reason.  And my prayer is that you show us what it looks like to take responsibility for your life and start living on your own terms.  Show us what it looks like when the world gives you shit and you use it to grow into the best version of yourself.

You started out showing us what Dreamchasing looks like;

Don’t stop now.


Ro Lamb



*Featured Image credit: Variety.com | AP/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK

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