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We’re Not In Kansas, Baby!

We’re Off To Overthrow The Wizard.....

We curse Donald Trump for being who he is, yet we allow our neighbors to continue in their blindness. We laugh at their racist jokes, we snub each other at the light, or skip/allow others to BE skipped on line at the supermarket.
It may seem small to you, but white privilege exists in MANY forms, and allowing these small acts to continue perpetuates the sentiment.
I, for one, am glad to see him as our president. It has allowed the ugliness of America’s racism to come to the forefront of Americans’ discussions. You always hear that it has to get worse before it gets better. Welcome to the shit!
Did you really think America was going to just hand you your reparations check, and say “oh, I’m sorry for slavery, and all that. My bad”?! This is kind of a twisted story where we are all DYING to click our heels, and go back home. Back to a place where we were all asleep, enjoying our lives. Ever so slightly distracted by award shows, fashion trends, and whatever the Kardashians are doing right now.

My friends, this is a war. And, the best way to win one is to convince the opposition that there IS no war at all.
Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will! -Frederick Douglass
We are the fight within the black power fist….take a damn swing, already!!

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37....I am an architecture loving, fashion craving, culinarily curious big kid-at-heart! I'm never too assuming, and have a life goal of leaving the world a better place than the place I was born into!

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