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Thoughts and Prayers…… the NSF Check from the Government

It’s happened again…… a mass shooting in the United States.  This time in Las Vegas Nevada.  So far 58 people, and counting, are confirmed dead and over 500 injured.   I woke up this morning and my wife told me about it and I texted my two cousins who I know go to a lot of these festivals and concerts to see if they were ok.   Once they replied and said they weren’t there I immediately went to…. meh mode.   FIFTY EIGHT people and counting dead, hundreds shot, and I could already predict the next 12 -24 – 48 -72 hours.


When the Constitution was written and the Bill of Rights passed, the young nation did not yet have a fully equipped and manned fighting force.   There were armies formed for specific battles and fights, but we were far from having an established “Be all that you can Be” Army.  The Weapon of the day was the preferable single shot rifle and bayonet.   You know the kind that you had to load from the front like the middle school spit wad.   The words “Well Regulated” are right there.   The purpose is clear…. the security of a free state…. not to protect your pussy ass from feeling personally threatened by young negro kids walking on your lawn.   The 2nd Amendment was written during a time the country did not have an army to protect itself and clearly states WHY it was written.  Yet, while everyone was thinking and praying about the people who died, the NRA was brainwashing generations to think that ownership of any weapon known to mankind was your “God Given Right” as a free White American.

There are all the predictable.   The folks on the “left” that want to talk about gun control.  The folks on the “left” that want to talk about how shocked and horrified they are.  The folks on the “right” want to talk about how this ISN’T the time to start talking about gun control.  The folks on the “right” that want to talk about mental health.  The folks that want to say it’s people who kill people and not guns that kill people (although I’ve never seen someone throw a bullet at someone and do damage).  You also have the folks that talk about all we need is love and unity.   Like hugs and teamwork are the key to a safe and civil society.

Then you get the MENSA folks that want to bring out the statistics of gun deaths per capita.  The record book of deadliest mass killings.   The firearms experts that want to talk about fully automatic vs Semi-Automatic.   Legal and illegal modifications to these weapons.   High Capacity magazines into high caliber weapons.  Muzzle velocity and range.   Then after their assistant producers do the social media searches you will get the PhD on call to do a basic and irrelevant mental health analysis of the shooter who by this time is already dead from a self inflicted wound or he’s eating Burger King after a brief attempt to escape.

However, the folks I want to talk about are the “Thoughts and Prayers” group, specifically the Politicians who are so damn quick on their social media they have it up faster than they deposit campaign PAC checks.   Sending thoughts and prayers to Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, The USVI, Houston, Texas, Florida…… shit these folks send out more thoughts and prayers than the a pastor on 1st Sunday at a church for the sick and shut in.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking these folks aren’t also included in any or all of the above groups of people too.   However let me let you in on a little secret that you may not know……..  Thoughts and prayers don’t change a damn thing.

Our elected representatives are sent to Washington D.C. to do a job.   To do the work of the people, to make the necessary changes in an ever changing fluid society.  Things like electricity, the combustion engine, pollution, the internet, Free Black People, Women voting….. none of these existed in the US when the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written.  Over time, protest, debate, demands, and a lot of bloodshed and dead bodies….. change comes.   It took nearly 100 years to abolish slavery, and another 100 years after that to codify the rights further.   It took 150+ years for women to get the right to vote.  Did those changes come because of centuries of thoughts and prayers?   NO.   They came because at some point, enough people had had enough of the bullshit.   Enough people were willing to NOT be silent and NOT accept the status quo and believed in the processes established to demand change.


Some thought when 32 people were killed on the campus of Virginia Tech we would see the light.   Some thought when 21 people were killed in a McDonalds in San Ysidro we would see the light.   Some thought that when 2 High School students amassed a cache of weapons and bombs in their basement and killed 12 classmates, we would have had enough. Some people believed after Sandy Hook, when 20 young innocent White children and 6 teachers were gunned down in an elementary school we would finally see the light.  Some believe now that your average White man smashed out 2 windows in a Las Vegas Hotel and opened up a literal rain of death and hell that killed 58 people and wounded more than 500 that a change will come.   We’re nearly 48 hours past the murders in Vegas…… do you see a change coming?  Or do you see the cycle of inaction spinning like a well oiled machine?  So the next time you hear a friend or politician or public figure talk about “First of all I want to send my thoughts and prayers to…….”, politely reply, “Stop writing me bad checks and do something real”.

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