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#IssaDistraction: “Not standing for the flag is an insult to service members”

Trivializing the fundamental critique of the process and progress of America by making it about service members or the flag is an insult to one's intelligence

Caution, Here comes a rant… You’ve been warned…

I’m Livid… LIVID… Jay Cutler is the living breathing embodiment of professional mediocrity, but he gets a job. But Colin Kaepernick is still jobless…
Shit… If I hadn’t ever taken the oath of service (back in 2003), I’d sit/kneel too…

So someone please help me understand. What makes white people feel so emboldened to feel they have the RIGHT to tell someone WHEN AND HOW to protest ??? Did you forget the so-called founding fathers protest was a criminal act of vandalism and larceny…Boston tea party??? People are always trying to tell others HOW and when to protest and to pick a better time or place in said protest. No, fuck that, because in this country in 2017 we have white cops killing black people on camera and they are not going to jail.

Credit: Sheneman Cartoons

How is it that the people who are doing the oppressing, always try to tell the oppressed HOW TO PROTEST and to do it peacefully?! When this country did not protest Great Britain peacefully. They went to war and won freedom thru bloodshed and gun smoke. Nah ain’t no good time or place. Why? Because we already did that in the 60’s with MLK and the peaceful marches and we are still on the same fucking boat; so miss me with that shit. Why would you tell A BLACK PERSON IN AMERICA to pick a better place to protest??? You can’t tell the oppressed how to act while they’re being oppressed. White people only want you to protest quietly, politely and non-inconveniently, in spaces where the protesters can’t be seen.

Oh wait… I forgot… that’s cuz oppressors are clouded by how they operate with racial & gender bias, because most oppressors can’t admit that they have an implicit bias to those oppressed or those they do not value as equal…


Mike Smith's Editorial Cartoon
Cartoonist Mike Smith


Oh… Here comes my favorite piece of Bullshit.
(White) Service Members… Smdh…

Exhibit A:
“I am definitely against racial discrimination and inequality. In the military we operate without any thought of what the person next to you’s gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation is. We are simply Americans and for that I’m proud and I proudly render honors to our flag because of it.”
                                        – Good ol’ white boy in the Military, usually E-5 and below

Cartoonist Gary Varvel: Sitting during the National Anthem
Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49er quarterback is not the only one who does not stand for the National Anthem.

The military is good ol’ (white) boys club… (Yeah, I fucking said it)
Who talk the “one team, one fight” mantra, but AGAIN, The privileged operate with racial & gender bias because most benefactors of privilege can’t admit that they have an implicit bias to the oppressed or those they do not view is equal because the injustice isn’t visible to them…

Watch Out! More Bullshit!
Exhibit B:
“When you Salute the National Anthem, you Salute EVERY American that has ever given their life to make this country what it is today. I feel you dishonor those who gave their lives during every battle, past and present. They all believed in this country, enough to sacrifice their life for it. You may not agree, but that’s your right as an American. You should at least thank them for that privilege.”
– Good ol’ white boy who wants to play both sides of the fence

Wait, What about the people who gave their lives to advance this country but just didn’t do it in a uniform? That’s what “not standing” is about. Indigenous peoples, including the trail of tears… original Mexicans… the people of the transcontinental slave trade… The lynchings, the church bombings… I could go on.  This country was built on blood of A LOT of people, not just the people who served in uniform… Malcolm, Martin, John & Robert Kennedy… All died trying to moving this country forward…

Stop trying to trying to trivialize the fundamental critique of this process & this progress by making it about service members….
It’s an insult to intelligence…

– M.

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