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Watching #Insecure is about supporting #TheCulture

Issa Rae made her come up the HARD way... Grinding it out to raise above cat videos, Twerk team clips and even Evil Lord "Darth Becky" herself, Taylor Swift, She deserves our support

It urks my soul when people admit they don’t watch “Insecure” on HBO on Sundays at 10pm… Presumably… I have the HBOGo app, so I watch it anytime… I love having the convenience of apps to watch my shit like whenever the hell I….

Sorry… Off topic… Millennial attention spans are small… My momma is always giving me shit about not actually being a Millennial because I’m born in 82 and not 85. But then remind her she’s not a Gen-X’er because she’s born in 65 and not… Damn… I did it again!!!

Okay seriously… Some of y’all are bullshitting… You don’t watch ‘Insecure’?! I’m forced to believe you’re a shitty person who doesn’t love black people… Yeah… I said it…


Okay so here’s my issue… Issa Rae is dope as shit… Now, I personally disagree with A LOT of the shit that happens on this show and the way it gets interpreted. Also I’m #TeamLawrence… #LawrenceHiveAllDay… The Brand is strong…

But Issa Rae is triple OG. She is an actress, a writer, a director, a producer and web series creator. She LITERALLY does it all. She’s literally a triple threat real MVP. Not to mention, she made her come up the HARD way… Grinding it out to raise above cat videos, Twerk team clips and even Evil Lord “Darth Becky” herself, Taylor Swift, on YouTube for YEARS. She is best known as the creator of the YouTube web series Awkward Black Girl. HBO acknowledged a YouTube star! Issa Rae’s Awkward Black Girl is like the Internet’s version of The Color Purple and Issa Rae is Oprah. Her come up is monumentally important.


Issa Rae is the product of blood, sweat, tears and shade. Not to mention, a key convergence of #OscarsSoWhite and The Internet’s surge in dominance over traditional TV. Mainly because there has been a lull currently in the amount of shows that represent our narratives. Hollywood continues to limit the “Person of Color” experience and opportunity to create content that directly speaks to persons of color. Hollywood keeps the opportunities limited and the ability for artists of color to break through small. Issa writes, produces & acts in almost everything she does. She also continues to “put others on,” whether it’s the cast members, producers, costume designers, even the music used to express scenes. It’s always fresh and newpeople, and quite frankly, usually those who wouldn’t have an opportunity otherwise. She supports “WE”.


The opportunity that has been afforded to her to have her platform elevated to a broader audience, brings a level of legitimacy that almost all internet content creators aspire to. She’s one of the first. But she needs our support! If we don’t consume her work, they won’t pick anymore people who look, talk, walk and live life like us. There are many great projects and content creators that may never get a real shot to express their work in front of a broad audience unless we support Issa Rae.

We must support Issa Rae. For Culture!

– M.


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