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Legacy, Legacy, Legacy, Legacy

The latest act of "rebellion" comes at the hands of Brooklyn's own multi-platinum recording artist, and newly crowned billionaire

We are mounting up for some huge momentum shifts, as it pertains to the way Americans talk about race and racism in America. If you haven’t noticed, because maybe you’ve been living under a rock ON MARS somewhere, athletes are protesting racial injustice in America from coast-to-coast.

Garfield High’s (Seattle) football team, including the coaches, all took a knee in protest before a game last Friday! Even a team of eight year olds took a knee. All across the wide world of sports, we’ve had athletes and sportscasters of all stature showing their allegiance to a greater cause, which is the unjust practice of killing black people without recompense.
Suffice it to say, things are heating up! The latest act of “rebellion” comes at the hands of Brooklyn’s own multi-platinum recording artist, and newly crowned billionaire (is it too early to say that?), Jay-Z.
Yup….Hov curved the Super Bowl!
Although, he hasn’t yet stated his reasons for this, his previous action (dedicating “The Story Of O.J. to former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick) would insinuate that the 21 Grammy holding artist is siding with his cause. This also comes at a time when millions of Americans have decided to boycott the NFL entirely. By not watching games, purchasing merchandise, or doing anything that would strengthen the NFL’s revenue stream, protestors are attempting to make the NFL aware that America will not side with those who inadvertently condone, or blatantly, albeit indirectly, punish those who choose to honor their fallen brothers and sisters at the hands of injustice.
I, for one won’t be watching any games. I love the college game a WHOLE lot more, anyway. But, what I will say is that I am extremely glad someone of his stature has finally taken a stand. Publicly. I’ll be waiting to see who joins him, and who stands idly by!

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