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Spiritual Disarmament 

Legacy, Legacy, Legacy, Legacy....

There is something to be said about a person who can make you laugh. How disarming it can be to have all your violent intentions maliciously disrupted by a deep guffaw you didn’t see coming. The way it comes out of nowhere, it almost makes you mad to know you were probably upset about something really silly, beforehand.

At a time when racial tension couldn’t possibly be more palpable, Dick Gregory gave us all, white, black, brown, and rainbow sprinkled a way out. An escape from the calamity. An oasis in what was a most tumultuous time for this country, and we loved him for that!

I don’t want to talk about all he’s done. Anyone with working wifi can Google that. I want to talk about the power of his legacy. The way he made us all feel, and the beautiful, artful stain this late legend leaves upon our lives. 

Could you imagine what it must have felt like to sit inside an auditorium, segregated, laughing about segregation?! Familiar pains and hatred that seemed almost microscopic, and definitely drowned out by the laughter shared between BOTH the white and colored sides of this now glee filled space? MAN, what I’d give to have been a fly on the wall when he was writing his material!

The message this man leaves behind is one this country still has lots to learn from. For it is one that evolves as we do. Stand up for something good, yet find a way to unite for this same goodness, as opposed to bickering and biting over nonsensical trivialities.

Laugh through the pain, or be a slave to it…..

Rest In Paradise, Dick Gregory….

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