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BTW: Some of y’all are fraudulent; You weren’t ALWAYS #TeamLawrence

Y'all wasn't with Lawrence shooting in the gym!!!

Some of y’all thought you were gong to slip into the #LawrenceHive without getting your credentials stamped. Nah son, I’m not here for none of that.

Y’all wasn’t with Lawrence shooting in the gym!!!


This man was going though it and NOBODY seemed to care, and nobody wanted to admit that they could relate to similar circumstances. He was just viewed as another bum. It was never given a second thought to consider whether or not he had complexity or depth to his persona. He was, without hesitation, cast aside as a failure.
Y’all thought Lawrence was just another shiftless negro taking up space in Issa’s world, out here ruining another good sister. He was barely viewed as a human being! He was mainly viewed as a lazy, good for nothing, dude that Issa should’ve gotten rid of years ago or at least by the first 15mins of episode one in the first season.


Just another nigga on the couch, right??? smdh…

Nobody ever stopped to ask, how did he get there? What was he going through?! Nope. No empathy, let alone sympathy for the brother what so ever. On the most basic levels of human compassion; the man hit a slump, a slump in work, his relationship maintenance and his overall self confidence. It happens; to all of us. BUT NO. It can’t happen to Lawrence. Or maybe it can’t happen to any other black male. Art is a reflection of life. But nobody can see the small and brief (or big and lengthy) “Couch Lawrence” moments inside ourselves? Like we’ve never went through a slump at work? or school? with significant others? or with our family? Wasn’t somebody there for you?


Why does this false narrative of perfection exist?! Why aren’t folks allowed to be flawed?!
Especially black men? And when he needed building up the most, nobody was there for him? Instead he got kicked down the most because, somehow, the lackluster performance of the moment was somehow an indictment on his whole life? and selfishly, a reflection of her (Issa) own lackluster choices? (How Sway?)


Lawrence went through it. He bombed interviews, took a terrible job, got emotionally beat up by his girl and by his own inner lack of confidence. Oh yeah, then he got cheated on.

20727621_10155468176487095_1297539304_o.png issa_rae_62954b

But as the saying goes, “Its always darkest before the dawn.” Lawrence got a string of small bright moments that turned around into some of his luck, he had a good interview which built his confidence, he landed a good a job doing personally meaningful work, he met a nice girl…


All things that let him know, he could rebuild life. Tomorrow would come. He’s not perfect but he’s doing the best with what he got. But some of y’all didnt wanna ride with the process, y’all just wanna hop on with the winning team now that the victory parade is coming! nah playa. No room over here!
We #TeamLawrence #DayOneStayOne

Don’t worry Lawrence, some of us been here with you the whole time. Riding. Couch. Blue Shirt. All of it. #IStandWithLawrence


– M.

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