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#StupidWatergate: Why Collusion is such a Strong Word

Can the word collusion really apply to people who clearly have no basic understanding of discretion or secrecy???

So The incredible John Oliver, on his HBO Sunday evening show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, has coined a phrase that hopefully will become an indelible moniker that stands the test of time,


“Stupid Watergate”;

Which basically means the #45 presidential campaign and subsequent investigation has all the sensationalism, salacious details and potential consequential ramifications as the early 1970s Watergate Scandal with President Richard Nixon; but all the participants aren’t quite smart or politically seasoned enough to “pull it off” as well…

Using the term “pulling it off” is relative; because to give president Richard Nixon some credit; he weathered the Watergate storm and got re-elected in overwhelming fashion to a second term before resigning the following summer.


The most over inflated word of the entire situation is collusion. Collusion implies an active willful participant in a conspiracy. No one in the Administration seems to have the keen sense of espionage and intrigue.


They talk too much, prefer photo ops & like signing their names on things, and over sharing their movements. They also seem to believe the media at large, doesn’t know how to use Google. Like, at all. Everything they say and do is pretty much “google-able”.

How can the word collusion apply to people who clearly have no basic understanding of discretion or secrecy.


Maybe it’s time we adjust our standards and expectations on what we have is an understanding on how this whole thing is playing out.


But as every piece information leaks, and every person gets fired and as Russia’s involvement gets more and more apparent; Collusion just doesn’t seem to be the right word to fit here.



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