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Problematic ‘White Allies’ & the Fans that Love Them

On this episode of white allies doing problematic ass things... 


Did his problematic rant offend you?


On this episode of white allies doing problematic ass things… Shia LaBeouf was recently arrested in Savannah, Georgia.  The Savannah PD processed LaBeouf for public drunkenness/drunk and disorderly conduct. The former Disney star has had a long public struggle with alcoholism and addiction. This isn’t his first rendezvous with the police.  This was the first time that LeBeouf was videotaped issuing racially charged verbal assaults during his arrest intake.

TMZ broke the story as “Shia Labeouf’s Racist Rant” which is quite ironic considering that TMZ’s owner is Trump adjacent and their comments sections is a cesspool-esque playground for white supremacists (but I digress). The gossip blog released 3 separate videos of LaBeouf’s intake process.  The first video featured LaBeouf lecturing a Black police officer for arresting him because he is “arresting a white person who gives a fuck”  A second video featured the actor and “ally” telling a Black cop that he was “going to hell” for being a Black Cop. A third video showed LaBeouf taunting a white police officer by telling him that his wife watches porn to see “Black Dick.”

LeBeouf clearly has issues with police, but what I found to be disturbing was his preoccupation with Black people and Blackness during his drunken tirade.  Why is it that he had to single out the Black cops?  Why did he feel the need to only lecture the Black cops arresting him?  Why did he mention Black Dick when berating the white cop?  What is even more disturbing to me is the amount of Black and Brown people rushing to LaBeouf’s rescue. The comments sections are filled with people of color rushing to LeBeouf’s defense and dismissing his rant as nothing more than drunken banter. His fans are not bothered and are dubbing anyone who is as “overly sensitive.”  They have also reminded any of LeBeouf’s critics of his many contributions to Black people. The fans are essentially saying “He’s not racist because he loves Black culture, he rapped on Sway’s Universe and, he fights “racists.


Some Vibe readers were caping for Shia like he gave them rent money.


The defense of their favorite actor is problematic because it echoes the tone present during LeBeouf’s arrest.  LeBeouf’s lectures aimed at the Black Savannah cops could  be equivocated to him saying, “I started this White Ally shit and this the Muthfuckin thanks, I get?” Yes, he starred in “Even Stevens.” Yes, he loves Hip Hop. Yes, he can drop a hotter 16 than most of the lil ole rappers out there. Yes, Bumble Bee. Yes, Chandelier. Yes, you like him and he may even be your favorite. We do not know what happened before the cameras were rolling. Shia may not be racist but in a drunken state, he has the tendency to spew racially tinged micro-aggressions while berating Blacks that he does not approve of…  That is problematic AF.  Accountability is an important part of life and Shia needs to be reminded that being an ally, having Black friends, listening to Hip Hop, or idolizing Tupac does not give you the license to whitesplain things to Black people.

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Do you think Shia is Racist?  Or do you think people need to calm down? Were you offended?  Let us know in the comments #TeamTrueStory

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