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But HIS emails tho’…………

Karma is a bitch.   That’s the common phrase you hear when you finally see something bad happen to an ex who cheated on you.   When you see that car that cut you off and race past you on the freeway pulled over on the side of the road by Highway Patrol 4 miles later.  When you realize that everyone who has been publicly linked to anyone in that talentless Kardashian family have their careers ruined chasing big asses.  It’s life’s way of telling you it all balances out.

So this weekend gave us another one of those, “Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse” moments from the current leader of the free world and his offspring of spoiled idiot children.   No this isn’t Ivanka sitting in with other world heads of state at the G 20 Summit.  No this isn’t Donald Jr. suggesting that if his sister were sexually harassed at work she would just find another job.  No, it wasn’t Ivanka Trump getting patents from China to sell her goods exclusively in the worlds largest market.   This time is was HIS emails.  Concrete proof, provided by Donald Jr. himself.   Proof of one of two things, either Donald Jr. is functionally illiterate, or he, his brother in law Jared Kushner, and his father’s campaign manager Paul Manafort knowingly colluded with people they were told were either in or working for the Russian government, to get materials they thought were damaging to Hillary Clinton.

You remember Hillary.   The woman whom Trump and his friends couldn’t NOT stop talking about how she should be or would be locked up for HER emails.   The same woman Trump said shouldn’t be considered for the highest office in the land because she was “under investigation”.  The person that couldn’t be trusted because the Clinton Foundation had received money from foreign governments.  The woman who was to blame her husband’s wayward dick.   The woman who, without lifting a finger or saying a word is wielding the sword of Karma like Excalibur.

The funny / sad part about most of this karma is that it is all self inflicted.   Trump tweets about Obama allegedly conducting surveillance on him, oops, we now know he and some of his associates are being investigated by the FBI.  Trump goes on TV, SAYS it’s a Muslim ban, and shockingly the courts find his travel ban IS a Muslim ban.   Numerous campaign and family members are forced to revise their disclosures on meetings with foreign officials and suddenly his own son releases his emails removing all doubt that his family and campaign KNOWINGLY met with persons who claimed to be working with information provided by the Russian government.

But HER emails though?


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