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Just another NRA Terrorist Attack

Disgruntled Worker Walked Into His Old Job and Killed People

If you’ve followed TrueStory and/or read some of my work you would see this coming.  Today in Orlando Florida, a disgruntled worker walked into his old job and killed people.   Honestly the details of this tragic event are irrelevant.  It’s just another example of the America that the NRA wants and has paid great sums of money in the form of campaign donations and media propaganda to get in order to do the one thing it exists to do; sell more guns.


Yes, this is a form of terrorism, no question about it, no debate.   The fact that a lobbying group has fulfilled it’s mission to support legislation nationwide to STOP us from being able to better protect ourselves.   The NRA LOVES this.  Another act of random violence on a mass scale to make people afraid, but simultaneously believe THEY would be able stop these kinds of senseless acts if we all just carried a gun on our person wherever we go.

Our Federal Government has been held hostage from lobbying money and propaganda.  The voters are being held hostage from fear and the fact that we have more guns in this nation that people.  CNN’s W. Kamau Bell recently did a piece on guns in America and showed how easy it is, largely due to the NRA, to purchase a gun avoiding things like background checks and registry.

Look, I believe in the 2nd Amendment in the context of the time it was written.  I also believe that the words “well regulated” were also included in it.   Do I believe a citizen should have the ability to purchase and own a firearm for protection and sport?  Absolutely.   Do I believe that it is in the interest of a civil and safe society to have that ability regulated and somewhat arduous?  You damn skippy.

If we are going to truly for once in our history actually wage a war on something that doesn’t have a flag or army, then we are going to have to be honest about what we are facing.  A war on Terror is going to require the United States to do something it has never done….. be HONEST about who it has been and be SINCERE about wanting to make amends.

*cover image courtey of Huff Post article Caroline Purser and Getty Images


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