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Halle Berry Might Be Pregnant… How to Deal.

Berry recently stepped onto the purple carpet cradling what appeared to be baby bump number 3

Halle Berry the object of generational crushes, is pregnant. Well, at least that is what Black Twitter thinks. Berry recently stepped onto the purple carpet cradling what appeared to be baby bump number 3.   Halle is 50 and will turn fifty-one before the summer is out. If she is actually pregnant… What we’re not going to do is shame her for being a mother over the age of 35.  Whenever a woman over the age of 35 gets pregnant there is always this social media conversation about her age.  Social media users become OBGYNs and fire off cautionary tweets/comments about older women having high-risk pregnancies. The most despicable trolls like to argue that a woman having a child “that late” is selfish. Many people believe that it is not fair for parents to wait too late to have children because the children will have to take care of elderly parents in their youth.

Halle Berry, pregnant at 50? ( Courtesy of the Associated Press)

A pregnancy announcement is supposed to be something joyous.  This is not the case for celebrity women on the internet. When Kandi Burress announced that she was pregnant, with her now 1-year-old son, people flocked to her social media post to tell her how nasty and selfish she was.  Kandi was about 39 years old at the time of her pregnancy announcement.  Celebrity women aren’t the only ones bearing the brunt of this criticism. Critics berated a 70-year-old woman who had a miracle baby through invitro fertilization.  The top critique was that the 70-year-old couple wouldn’t live long enough to see their newborn child graduate from high school.

(17) 70 year old woman has a baby - Facebook Search
They don’t want her to win?

When is it ever okay to speak death over people’s lives?  What age is an acceptable age to have children and who makes all of these rules? There are talking heads that shame women who are “too” career oriented that do not ever want to have children.  Those same talking heads have created a guideline for women who want to have children. Anybody wanting to have a child should plan for their child’s birth and future. Ultimately, what Halle Berry or anyone else does with their own uterus is their own decision.

So since there are so many of Y’all who do not know what to say to a pregnant woman in the face of her joyous announcement.  Here are 5 things you should say to a pregnant woman in response to her birth announcement.



“Wow, That’s Great Congratulations!”

Keving Congrats

“Cheers!” (If she is from abroad)

Cheers gif

“You are Glowing! Congratulations!”

Congrats office

“Many blessings– Congratulations!” (If she’s spiritual)


“Congratulations” is literally all that needs to come from your hating ass– chauvinistic ass– mouth. Save your judgments for your broke ass aunties/cousins and anyone who wants to hear your unsolicited opinions (that would be no one).


Halle Berry Hallelujah… If it’s necessary, congratulations to you…


Do you think Halle is pregnant? Let is know in the comments. #TeamTruestory.




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