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Diddy Feeling Some Type Of Way?

Who's Your Daddy?

Browsing through Instgram, I noticed that Diddy is posting photo after photo of Quincy saying “MY SON” and #HappyBirthday. 

I curiously clicked into Quincy’s IG where he posted a photo of himself with his biological father, who as many of you may know is Al B. Sure. With caption: “I guess we can share the same BDAY! 😝 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! LOVE YOU! @officialalbsure”

Is Diddy feeling some type of way? Sure seems like it from the series of photos he is posting on IG just a bit after Quincy’s happy Birthday post to Al B. Sure … looks like Diddy is trying to make the point that Quincy is his kid! Jealous or petty?! check em out below! And tell us what you think in the comments!

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