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You Can Disclaimer It All You Want, It’s Still Blackface

Instagram Makeup Artist Turns White Woman Into A Black Woman

Lately people, and I do mean mostly white people here, and of course, also those who are not white, but assimilate to the point where they defend stupidity, have been more emboldened than ever to be out here doing the most.  This is in part because of 45 and, well, because people are dumb.

In the latest edition of “I’m not racist, but . . . ” a makeup artist that goes by @PaintDatFace on Instagram, decided it was a good idea to post a photo of a look done where a white woman was transformed into a black woman.




And captioned the photo with the following disclaimer:




Maybe I’m crazy, but if you feel the need to post a disclaimer like that, maybe, just maybe DON’T POST THE PHOTO! As it turns out, I am not alone in that sentiment because of course, the internet went H.A.M.


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And out the woodwork, as usual, people who just DON’T GET IT, came out asking or saying some dumb ass things…..




Of course, the backlash received from the initial post incited the artist to take down the controversial photo and then temporarily set the page to private. But it is now public again and the artist posted another photo with a caption that attempts to further explain the nonsense.


unapologydisclaimer 2




Any explanation of why the makeup artist decided to turn a white woman into a black woman is null. I’m sorry but blackface is blackface no matter how beat the face and at this point, it is beyond me why people don’t understand that it’s just not cool. I’m pretty sure it has been established over the last few decades, around the world and across the internet that blackface is a BIG no-no! Blackface has a very negative history with roots in racist minstrel shows, that portray racist assumptions and exaggerated stereotypes that demean black features and black people as a whole. I get it, maybe you don’t understand it because of YOUR white privilege, but, I know you have at least heard of the term blackface, and guess what WE HAVE GOOGLE! There is plenty of information out there and anyone who willfully chooses to do blackface, or any other “costume” (ahemm, put down that mariachi hat!) that is culturally appropriated is just plain stubborn and ignorant.

If you are still asking yourself, “Is It Ok To Be In Blackface” please see the helpful diagram below…  I’ll give you a hint….



3 comments on “You Can Disclaimer It All You Want, It’s Still Blackface

  1. Esha Murphy

    Great Post! I honestly wasn’t hella offended by the MUA’s “transformation.” I am used to the foolery so I just rolled my eyes… The MUA’s caption was stupid. He was trying to get in front of the storm and position it like everyone else is just hyper sensitive. He was dead wrong. There is no diversity on his IG and he could have celebrated his Cuban roots via sharing all of the hottest makeup looks from Cuba…

    Hell! He could have even used Rihana’s drama from the previous day (Ri Blocked a fan for sharing a picture of her as a White woman and declaring she would “look better white.”). And pretended that he was disproving the Blocked fan. He was trying to make a point that did not need to be made. I was also disappointed by the number of Black and Brown Women using the same arguments that the MUA’s defenders were using.

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  2. I agree with you 💯% he could have spun it into something positive… but then again, maybe he just wanted the controversial attention. No press is bad press. Also, the model he used still has the image up on her IG which leads me to believe that she is looking for attention too. I’m curious to know how many follows they got off this.

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  3. I completely agree. If you need a disclaimer, then be completely prepared for the backlash because there’s obviously still something wrong with what you’re doing.

    Great post, liked and subscribed.
    Check out my blog sometime? https://noirerewritten.com


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