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When even an Ariana Grande concert is not safe.

As I write this, preliminary reports are coming in from the UK  that there was an explosion (maybe 2) outside of the Manchester arena where 20,000 people (young people, kids, teens, moms, and dads) were attending an Ariana Grande concert. It is obvious chaos, as people are walking around injured, and folks that were separated from each other are looking for one another.britainarianagrandeconce.jpg

CNN is reporting 19 dead and 50 injured.
These are early numbers and are bound to change.

Social Media Footage shows thousands of people fleeing the arena in a panic after an explosion went off at around 10.40pm GMT.

Eyewitnesses said the explosion sounds were heard outside the auditorium after the artist had finished her show and left the stage, with people claiming on social media they believed the bangs were a bomb.

The UK police say that they are treating this as a terror attack at the moment. There are some reports that it was a suicide bomber. If it is confirmed that this is an Islamic extremist attack, please reach out to our Muslim brother and sisters.  Offer help, love, prayers, juju, and support as they often bear the brunt of the backlash when these things happen.

My heart is with all affected.

I just don’t know what to do about this world we live in…..

Update 5/23/17 6:00 PST

Authorities are now quoting 22 dead and the Islamic state has claimed responsibility for the bombing. 


(*This Story May Receive Updates In Real Time*)

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