Racism Didn’t Drug those Women……

This week, the good Dr. Pull-Your-Pants Up, William H. Cosby begins his trial for sexual assault.  The man who made us want to eat Jello Pudding Pops.  The voices of Fat Albert and the gang.  The beloved father of Sandra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy.   The creator of Hillman College.  The man who showed America what the Utopian middle class Black Family looked like.  That same man is in the middle of one of the most tragic, and likely, self inflicted downfalls in the entertainment industry.

To do a complete analysis of this case would take days if not months, time I frankly don’t have nor do I wish to spend.  But what I am here for, is “Da Bullshit”.  What do I mean by that?  I mean the folks that somehow believe that ALL of these women, and by some published account around 60, have come out of the woodwork and all made up these stories that paint what appears to be a vivid picture of one powerful dirty old man.  Look, could a couple of them be trying to get on some kind of gravy train?  Sure.  But when THIS many people come out and tell their story,  My G how do you say they are ALL lying?

That’s right.  Pull out the race card at the time when it benefits NO ONE but yourself.  The same Dr. We need to stop blaming others for out problems is………. Blaming Race as a part of his criminal trial.  Oh, and suddenly he is also having trouble with his vision.  Look, his guilt or innocence will be determined in a court of law, that’s not for me to decide. However, my biggest issue with Pill Cosby is him trying to suddenly play the victim role based on race.   My man, the women accusing you, fuck that, you’ve ADMITTED to using drugs on in order to have sex with, run the entire racial spectrum.   Clearly you didn’t show any racial bias when selecting the women you chose to exert power and influence over.   Clearly you didn’t have a problem then.   But now, long after the height of your popularity, long after you’ve made a funny joke.   Long after Theo finally got over his learning disability and HOPEFULLY Ron Johnson graduated from Hillman….. here you come playing the “It’s because I’m Black” card.   Bill…..


For as long as time, Men in positions of power, wealth, and influence have used that to exploit people.  Particularly in the entertainment industry where it was shamelessly known that getting a part required you to know your Mad Men role.   Buck the system, you’re as replaceable as a Kleenex my dear.   Up until recently, and I hesitate to say it’s even close to being “easier” today, many women choose not to report crimes of sexual aggression because of the price to be paid regardless of the outcome of justice.   So predators like Pudding Pop felt emboldened to abuse their position.  I mean really, in 1986, who would have believed Heathcliff Huxtable, America’s pre-post-racial father figure would be the roofieman?  Certainly not the same man pushing positive pro-Black into mainstream media.

There are so many things going wrong with Race in America in 2017.  Trumpmerica has folks feeling themselves like it’s 1869.   People are all froggy with their racism like they’ve been set free from the shackles of “Political Correctness”.  We have #BlackLivesMatter protesting the daily unjust behavior of Police.   We have HBCU Presidents defending the likes of Betsy DeVos and her, “Fuck the Poor” education philosophy.  But I’m supposed to get off the couch because “The Cos” suddenly wants to turn on the racism Bat-Signal?  Bill…. on behalf of a generation of Black kids who watched, liked, and listened to you…. “Pull YO Pants up muthaphucka!”

About J. Boykin

Sports and Politics are my two passions in life. I welcome supporting and differing opinions, however we must agree that there can be only one set of facts. Do not confuse my political views (Progressive, Liberal) with being bashful, timid, weak, or some kind of "snowflake". I am what you get when you mix the Temptations with KRS-ONE. Add a splash of New Edition and Stuart Scott (RIP). My goal is to be the Blog-child that Angela Rye and Rachel Maddow could never have. Please follow me on Twitter @JVBoykin

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