Build vs. Exploit, the curious case of Lavar Ball and Big Baller Brand

Lavar Ball and his garage start up Big Baller Brand, undeterred by their rejections from Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, have gone all Master P “I Got the Hook-Up” / “No Limit”. with it.  The Source Awards nominee for Father of the Year has been nothing if not persistent in his belief that he and his sons are not to be exploited by anyone other than himself.  He believes that he and his “Big Baller Brand” or BBB is worth at least a BILLION, with a B, dollars.  Why?  I have no fucking clue.  But his will and belief are so strong he has turned down millions of guaranteed money from the big 3 to prove it.

Lavar Ball has stated that he wants to BUILD a brand.  He wants to do what Tiger, Jordan, Serena, James Harden, Steph Curry, Cam Newton, and Lebron ALLEGEDLY didn’t do, and that is capitalize on their talents from day one.  It’s actually an interesting approach, especially from someone who some say has the best protege 2 years from going to his senior prom.   He believes his oldest son Lonzo, who may be the number 1 draft pick in this coming NBA Draft, is the next Jordan, Kobe, Lebron.  So he wants to be treated like those athletes from day 0.  He wants the marketing and co-branding deal so that THEY do all the work, and he cashes the checks.  It’s a great deal, if you can get it.  The problem is, when you are in the process of BUILDING something, it also means you don’t HAVE anything yet.  All you have is an idea.  No plans, no drawings, no foundation, no 2×4’s, just an idea.   Any mistake you make at this point, especially when you also don’t have any MONEY to pay for the supplies, design, land, contractors, etc to build this idea could do more harm than good.

So far, all BBB has done is have Lavar Ball out there making ridiculous statement after statement after statement.  That’s pretty much it.  The brand is attached to pure ignorance.  It’s what you get when the recipe calls for 1 part college drop out, 2 parts has been, 3 parts Hennessy,  and 2 lbs of loud AAU parent.   The brand is blaming others for your kids L’s.  The brand isn’t attached to greatness, highlights, W’s.  It’s all bad.  So who wants to attach themselves to that…..?  Better question, who wants to attach themselves to that…. at THESE prices?

BBB Exploitation

My dude, $60 for a T-Shirt?  Three Harriet Tubman’s to show that I am dumb enough to spend it on a shirt and put in YOUR pocket?  To show I support someone who averaged 2 points a game that boldly thinks they could beat the GOAT 1 on 1?

zo2 shoes

Build a Brand?  My dude you want $995….. a RACK.  For an autographed pair of shoes from a kid who hasn’t bounced an NBA ball in a SUMMER LEAGUE game?   “Meticulously developed”?  By who?   Those look like knock off Kobe X’s!   They look like you took $200 to Marshalls, bought some B-grades, and got to cut and pasting.  Tinker Hatfield?  More like Swap Meet Louis.

Look, I am the son of a one woman black owned business.  I am ALL about helping out the next brotha or sista who is trying to make it.  But I’m sick and tired of so-called Black Businesses doing nothing but trying to dig into my pocket out of a sense of duty just because it’s “For the culture”.   Keep that shit, and good luck.  I mean it.  If you get $1billion from someone, more power to you.  Get paid.  But if you want to BUILD something, it’s never a bad idea to pay a few professionals along the way.  Too bad it’s too late for this brand.

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Sports and Politics are my two passions in life. I welcome supporting and differing opinions, however we must agree that there can be only one set of facts. Do not confuse my political views (Progressive, Liberal) with being bashful, timid, weak, or some kind of "snowflake". I am what you get when you mix the Temptations with KRS-ONE. Add a splash of New Edition and Stuart Scott (RIP). My goal is to be the Blog-child that Angela Rye and Rachel Maddow could never have. Please follow me on Twitter @JVBoykin

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