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Why the best part of “Rogue One” is that (Spoiler Alert) Everybody dies at the End. 

The Star Wars Universe can get VERY Confusing VERY Quickly, which makes it really hard to tie up loose ends. But just killing someone helps...

SW bottom

Okay First off listen; It’s almost 6 months, if you haven’t seen the damn movie by this point, I can’t help you. The jig is up, purely in the title of this discussion should put you on notice.
So now that we’re over that, lets get into it. Rogue One. EPIC. It was cool to see a great DIVERSE cast. but a new group of characters, and a great splash of old favorites! But where did these people come from? where will they go? what does it all mean?! How will they affect The Force?!
Hey, guess what, none of that matters.

Rogue One Poster
Photo Credit: Movie Web

Jyn Erso – DEAD
Cassian Andor -DECEASED
Chirrut Îmwe – NO MORE
Orson Krennic – GONE
Governor Tarkin – EXTINCT
Bodhi Rook – A DOORNAIL
Even the droid dies.

BUT lets be clear they all went out like some O.G.’s. Well, except Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera, it wasn’t a blaze of glory like the rest,
but it was at least on his own terms.

The point is all this, is more about the necessity of finality. In a world of sentimental value for EVERYTHING, (Mostly programmed as part of our consumer ridden-capitalist society) it is important to enjoy a moment and LET GO. and that’s exactly happens here. We get to enjoy a well written side story about the galaxy far, far away, without the need to weigh us all down with unnecessary questions about the universal connectivity of all the characters. The characters die, and for a noble cause. There is absolutely no reason for their survival other than for the unwitting audience to become the main conspirators an elaborate plot to intertwine multiple story lines together because our brains work in dogmatic fashion. Just let them go!
We have the most important pieces we need! we get to see the guy who designed and built the Death Star, we get some pretty cool moments of a vibrant-Non Hayden Christensen-Darth Vader, AND WITH FIGHT SCENE! We even get a surprise-although CGI-Young Princess Leia! See? We don’t need those other people! Let them go!
We already have a young daring pilot, a young rebel who needs training and a cause! We’ve got a wise old Jedi, with a droopy eyes! We don’t need more!
Lets collectively say thanks for bridging gaps and answering some questions, they’ve given us HOPE.  They have served their purpose.
Let them go so they can honorably fall on their sabers.


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