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We frequently hear that 18 years old is the age we are "done with our children."

We frequently hear that 18 years old is the age we are “done with our children.”


That somehow this magical number makes them “adult” and  ready to take on the world.

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*composes self*

I don’t know that I ever expected to be done being his mom at 18 , but I had NO CLUE the pressure of ushering a young man into adulthood would be this intense.

I sat down the other night and wrote down all of the shit I think he needs to learn to successfully “adult” and I had to pour myself a glass of wine 3 times as I wrote it all down.

Don’t get me wrong,  Lyric is in no way sheltered or immature, but he will definitely need my guidance as he opens a bank account, starts paying bills, builds credit, rents, buys, etc..

I only learned about a lot of the things mentioned above 7 years ago!

I found myself feeling like I did when I was 17 and feeding him at 3am.


But a few days after I made the list, I sat with it again and developed a new list of core things I am responsible for teaching him. As he reaches each milestone I will check it off.  I left blank lines for some of the shit he shows me, because Lyric…. 😏

Doing so has eased my panic into a productive and steady anxiety most days.

Which is better.

Through the anxiety, I am trying to breathe, to enjoy being a part of this stage in his life, and to bask in being his mom. He is an awesome human.  💗

But know that I freak out while Googling “how to not fvck up your kid’s transition to adulthood” for at least 10-30 minutes, 5 out of 7 nights.




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  1. It’s so true. Shivon I didn’t either when I was 17. Look at you him at 18. He is a very lucky child that he will have you to support him in this way. God give you the energy and guidance in doing this grown up thing.


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