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Pepsi, Really my dude!?! SMH……

What Pepsi really did was create one of the best illustrations of White Privilege yet.

Ok ok ok….. So it appears Pepsi, in their rush to somehow market themselves as the beverage that can change the hearts and minds of the people (which I already thought was a title taken by Red Kool Aid)…. embarked on multi-million dollar ad campaign to brand Kendall Jenner and the soft drink as the face of peace, tolerance and unity.  In the words of Charile Murphy………..

Charlie Murphy Wrong

Think about all of the levels this ad had to go through to get made….  Someone had think this up, write it, pitch it, approve it, write the checks, film it, edit it and then…… viola!  All you really need to solve the centuries old problems of racism, abusive policing and the judicial system treating the killing of Black people as Misdemeanor Homicides…. is Kendall Jenner and some Pepsi.   It’s like someone was scrolling through old Coca-Cola ads, saw the Hilltop ad and said, let’s do this but instead of the post 60’s hippy movement of peace and love, let’s use the protests of dead Black Children.


Look, Black Twitter will always do a better take down of the Kendall Jenner that I could. So I’m not going to waste time with dozens of one liners and tweets. What Pepsi really did was create one of the best illustrations of White Privilege yet.  The ability to look at certain social issues completely devoid of real empathy and experience.  The existence in a world so completely isolated and insulated from history.  The utter unwillingness to actually address a serious and deadly social issue without inserting yourself as the savior with such a simple and obvious solution. The conditions that create an environment where NO ONE is in the room empowered enough to say, “What are we REALLY trying to accomplish here?”

White Privilege


Pepsi had an opportunity to really go after a tough issue and quite possibly do it right.   You look at Nike’s Equality Campaign, in fact do some research and look back at many Nike ads.  Many don’t even talk about product. They talk about a message, a theme.   Maybe you just have different groups all protesting different things or opposing sides, and they realize that they are both drinking Pepsi.  Who know’s, but it CAN be done.   Sadly, they just became the latest Victim of the Kardashian Kurse. Kris Humphries, Reggie Bush, Lamar Odom, Kanye West, Bruce Jenner and now….. Pepsi.


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