Is It Really “Cooning” for Black People to work with Donald Trump???

So Instinctively The Answer is Yes! But in the words of Lee Corso; "Not So fast My Friend"

The knee jerk action is clearly “Hell Yes! Fool!” But it’s really not that simple. 45 is sitting at the seat of power whether, we like it or not. And Lord knows, we as a people, we do not have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines for presumably 4 (or god help us, 8) years. We still got to get things done. We’ve still got to move forward. And in very small instances, it could require us to find a way to equitably and cohesively work with members of the 45 Administration in one capacity or another. And while it is quite tempting to return in kind the same derogatory an visceral blockade of institutional and governmental obstruction back to Republicans as they were so inclined to afford President Obama; the fact of the matter is that it’s highly unproductive and in no way furthers the agenda of creating “A More Perfect Union”. So it begs the original question. Kanye West, Jim Brown and Steve Harvey among others of lower profile, have made what appears to be genuine efforts to find common ground with a person who is uniquely unqualified for the position he’s holding. In almost all instances, the backlash was swift and furious and of course black Twitter was there for all of it. But could it be possible that they were onto something? Being the bigger person is about swallowing your pride and crossing the aisle. President Obama, in a truly gracious moment reminded us that it is in our best interest to root for #45; “When he succeeds, The country succeeds.”

A statement like that is bold and eloquent. And nothing less should ever be expected of President Obama who is gracious, conscientious and always exceedingly hopeful.


Photo Credit: Twitter

This big orange, blonde haired stupid dinosaur has started some shit that he was never prepared to finish. And guess what? The rest of us are here to keep log of ALL the receipts. When it’s all said and done the Republic will stand even when he does not. And History is the only judge that matters in this. The question that will be asked is did you align yourself with a unqualified, racist, elitist, homophobic, xenophobic, chaotic rhetoric spewing demagog who recites lies & fosters hate? Or did you stand with the people? History will only see it in black and white. There will be no grey; “I was just trying to help, I was trying to bridge a divide”. Nope. History will see you as a traitor. Or worse, an opportunist. Only looking to “come up” and profit somehow. There shouldn’t be any expectation for Black America to speak as a monolith. But there needs to be a basic understanding of what’s right and what’s wrong morally and ethically; and a clear strategic understanding that nothing in Great about America has ever started with government first. All changes starts with people.

So fuck 45 and the rest of ’em…

We’ll make change without ’em…

Hell Yes We Can…

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