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Hands Off!!

An Insight Into Why It's None Of Your Fucking Business!

Ohhhh, how I love…absolutely LOVE this new explosion of Black self-love!! Sistas becoming self-ordained Queens, Brothas learning to put down the guns and UTILIZE the wisdom in the pages they’ve read; and distinguish themselves as Kings among mere mortal men!
Woke, aware, self-aware, call it what you want; but it sure as hell is exponentially better than how we’ve been treating each other for the past few decades. Or at least the nearly four decades of life I’VE personally witnessed, anyway.

Don’t hate it. If you see a Sista or a Brotha self-loving, and you think they’re in it for the trend, use that to compliment them and further their knowledge; thereby fortifying their convictions! Don’t downplay the half-woke, and DEFINITELY do not EVER go into battle with those still asleep. Not everyone is going to wake up out of the matrix!

Now, in all this quasi-euphoric, almost 60’s like Black love-a-palooza, you have certain Blacks, as you will always, and non-Blacks who question this movement. This is to be expected. But, I am writing to tell all of the naysayers and detractors of my siblings’ lovefest to back the hell off!!

I like to write poetry targeted towards the mental stimulation, gratification, and overall praise of my beautiful, melanated Sisters-In-Arms, and it’s becoming quite annoying to have to answer the question of why I’m only doing it for the Sistas!

I’ve even had to field accusations of racism, and threats from various softer-than- baby powder internet thugs because of how much I truly adore the female sun-kissed, bronze skinned Goddesses of the Nile and beyond! Imagine me losing sleep over THAT….imagine it!

If my praising of women I share a struggle with brings you grief, don’t question me. Question why you feel anger towards love, question yourself! How is it that you can feel such a strong emotion as anger at all, when the catalyst or proponent is pure, agape love? How is it that you can see love, and feel anger? How, indeed….

To the non-Blacks, hell, ANYBODY I’ve disturbed, perturbed, or otherwise made uncomfortable with my expressions of undying love and adoration for the mothers, sisters, friends, descendants of the raped, stolen, abused, used and so forth….kill yourself! I do what I want, lady!

I have no plans of stopping, slowing my pace, editing my words or scaling down the format of my choosing to appease you! Why at all this is an issue is not my problem, because I’m not the one with the issue. I shouldn’t have to downplay what I’m doing by saying “but, I love ALL women equally”! I don’t. I DO love and respect all women, and always have done all I can, including chasing down and apprehending a young man who punched a woman in the face and robbed her of her cell phone on a crowded bus in NYC (yeah, I ran a 4.4 40 yard dash in high school….little fucker wasn’t getting away from ME!!), to protect women. No, she was NOT Black.

The entire point of this article is that I shouldn’t have to say that to appease you. I reserve the right to speak however lovingly about the women I absolutely adore WITHOUT your interference or participation of ANY kind! I shouldn’t have to defend my love!! But, I will…because I am a lover, and thereby a fighter by default. For who, with love in their hearts will not fight to protect that which they love. There is no separation. The phrase “I’m a lover, not a fighter” does not exist except in the case of a coward, who is thereby unworthy of the gift of love.

My love requires no explanation, nor will ever be on trial; so a defense attorney is unnecessary. Don’t start none, won’t be none! Peace….

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37....I am an architecture loving, fashion craving, culinarily curious big kid-at-heart! I'm never too assuming, and have a life goal of leaving the world a better place than the place I was born into!

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