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FBI Director James Comey Is On The Hill; Answering Badly Phrased Questions He Can’t Legally Answer

In Some Very Certain Terms, The FBI, CIA, or The NSA Director Have The Worst Job In America

Today begins, what should be and can be expected as a starter gun to a laundry list of official hearings in a open public forum on Election Tampering, Conspiracy, Collusion, and “Global Financiering”. The man at the center is NOT Donald Trump; It’s the United States Top Gumshoe; The Head of the Federal Bureau of Investigations; FBI Director James Comey. He is directly responsible for the explicit tasking  of gathering any information to substantiate a potential cause for Federal Prosecution. And in almost every possible situation, the majority of the successes are fairly private and the failures and/or missteps are quite public. The practices, procedures and operations are almost all confidential. Which can make doing such a job in the public eye VERY difficult. James Comey is a sympathetic figure; whose sympathy being despensed, depends on the political agenda of the week. When Director Comey’s office gave a public statement in the middle of the Presidential Campaign days before the national election; in what can objectively be seen as a “Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t” scenario, he was vilified in liberal circles as actively working against Hillary Clinton. Yet if he had withheld the information until after the election, he would have been seen as helping Clinton get elected.

Three months later, Comey is now back in the spotlight to answer questions in a public hearing about potential investigations (now confirmed) into Russian Interface in US National elections, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indiscriminate ties Trump surrogates have to Russian affiliates, whether or not President Obama “wiretapped” The Trump campaign in some form or fashion.

This is not where Director Comey wants to be. The ultimate goal of National Intelligence organizations is play the background. The goal is to stay as much out of the public eye as possible for the security interests of its agents and for the psychological stability of the public at large. People like knowing things are secure but they don’t want to see security. This puts Director Comey in a very precarious position, being asked questions that he can’t begin to answer on the basis of confidential national security, over speculation, and public paranoia. His position requires him to be as apolitical as possible. The Director acknowledges that speaking today became absolutely necessary, purely based on the abnormality of the circumstances; a sitting president accusing a former president of malicious, and potentially illegal, intent against him. The existence of a covert global operation to undermine US democracy. And while, #45 is here for ratings on the largest stage in the world, Director Comey and his intelligence industry counterparts are just trying to do their jobs and stay in the shadows.

But instead of doing his job, Comey has spent a good portion of the morning dodging poorly worded questions directed usually out of the context and the purview of his ability to speak on. Questions asked by career politicians for the expressed intent of trying to understand the gravity and magnitude of the events that unfolded over the last 18 months and ongoing. Unfortunately in most cases, intelligence industry leaders do not speak about ongoing investigations. While Congress in an attempt to unveil the truth, would prefer to hear the most salacious details in order to sway public opinion, Director Comey is unable to give them the satisfaction they clearly crave, with midterm elections on their horizon. This going to be a LONG week for everyone involved.

Photo Credit: NY Times

This story will be ongoing… Stay Tuned…

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