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When Duke Loses, We ALL Win!

Any Duke Loss Is A Great Day In College Basketball

Jordan Face Coach K
credit: sportage.com

So March 19, 2017,  is now my favorite day of the 2017 NCAA Basketball season.   Let me be more specific….. it’s AMERICA’S favorite day of March Madness.  Why? Because we will no longer be subjected to the knob slobbering, ass kissing, “They do it the ‘White’ er… Right way” bullshit ass coverage of Duke Men’s Basketball.   Look, it’s EASY to hate this program.   The consistent success, the wins, the titles….. yeah yeah yeah.   Look….. let me summarize and express the sentiments of the majority of the American Sports fans……

FUCK DUKE, period

No I’m not just being a Buck nasty hater.  America Hates Duke, and rightfully so.   It’s a program based on players whose faces would make millions if you placed them on all the pop up rodents of a Chuck E Cheese “Wack-a-mole” game.   From Christian Laettner’s Stomp, to Wojo’s incessant floor slapping to Grayson Allen Trippin’ ….. Duke Players and Students are the epitome of “That Guy”.    What guy?  You know….. “That Guy”

So thank you to the South Carolina Gamecocks….. You’ve done your job, and America Thanks you!

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1 comment on “When Duke Loses, We ALL Win!

  1. CabSuave

    Interesting tidbit of info: my sister attended UNC while working at Duke as some sort of library assistant. They TP’ed her car on a regular basis! Lol


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