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Weapons of Mass Distraction

This week has brought us just another installment of, "Did these muthaphuckas just say/do what I think I heard/saw?"

This week has brought us just another installment of, “Did these muthaphuckas just say/do what I think I heard/saw?” from our beloved and newly elected President, Donald J. Trump.   I mean, where do I begin.   This week alone he has released a draft of his budget that gives the “Defense” Department roughly a 10% increase in funding at the expense of the likes of Big Bird, Grandma’s dinner delivery, after school programs and supplemental school meals, and dozens of other core essential programs for the non 1%.  This came a day after TrumpCare / RyanCare was scored by the Congressional Budget Office.   The CBO report said that roughly 24 MILLION people would lose health insurance because of the Republican replacement to the Affordable Care Act.  Coincidence?  I think not.

This administration is run by WMD’s,  Weapons of Mass Distraction.   The National Security Advisor had to resign less than a MONTH into his position because he was caught on tape talking to the Russian Ambassador PRIOR to taking his position.  He lied about it to the Vice President, who then goes on TV defending him.  The White House KNEW he lied, and had NO PROBLEM with it until it hit the media.   Then suddenly he had to go.  Between @realDonaldTrump, Sean “Spicy” Spicer ranting and insulting the WH Press Corp, Kellyanne Conway’s “Alternative Facts”, and a half dozen other Breitbart-ish mouthpieces saying the most outlandish shit…. this administration has been on a mission to hide their real agenda from the people by saying and doing ridiculous shit to keep the media chasing WMD’s.

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Media too close to Paul Manafort and his ties to Putin…… fire off a tweet about Obama.   Health Care replacement rollout a failure because REPUBLICANS can’t even accept it….. Send Kellyanne out on a media circuit doing what she does best…….. (In my Eddie Murphy Raw voice) “Hey…. It wasn’t Trump”.   I mean he even took the muzzle off the Secretary of State long enough for him to go over the Korean peninsula and shout at Lil Kim Jong-Un….. “Cash me outside howbow dah!?!”

We all better hold on like En Vogue!

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