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Reasons my time is in-fvcking-valuable and why I might get pissed off if you have no regard for it.

Don't With Me OR MY Time

To provide background for the ensuing rant, let me give you some details about my life.

I am a woman who works 50+ hours/week managing a neurology clinic in an academic hospital that has 30-36 doctors and hundreds of patients. I carry a full-time credit load for school. I am the primary caretaker to my two (mostly) amazing sons. One is a neuro-typical semi-adult at 18 and my other son is an autistic adolescent at 11 going on 25. I also have a poorly behaved but incredibly cute dog and a cat with AIDS.

In my spare time, I do social justice based performance art as a member of  bkSOUL , write for this blog twice a week, and volunteer where I can to help topple the 45 regime. I spend every Sunday evening using most of the lines in my Passion Planner for the upcoming week, preparing healthy snacks for the week, and if I am especially productive I get food cooked for at least 2 days of dinner.  Shout out Amazon Prime Now restaurant delivery, they currently get all of my monies.😑

All this to establish to you, the reader, why I am about to wile out on folks that waste my fvcking time.

I understand that I am an adult with free will. But when a person in my life requests my time or presence and then proceeds to shit on it without apology, I take it personally.

For instance if it is your birthday and you are arranging a Sunday brunch, I expect that you have shit under control and that you won’t be two hours late. I think that’s a fair expectation. When you show up 2 hours late and don’t even bother to apologize, expect to be told about yourself. Know that I will skip the next event.

If we are in a meeting and you aren’t prepared, I will be direct and ask you if we need to schedule a better time so that you can get prepared. Why are you offended?? I showed up prepared.

If we are dating and I like you enough to make time, appreciate it. Dating is last on my list of priorities and I really hate it. But if I do date you, what you might not want to do, after 6 months of getting my  valuable time, is act surprised when I mention we become exclusive. Why you ask?? Because I am not comfortable investing more of this valuable ass time into someone who can’t commit to me. You still don’t understand? Labels aren’t important? Boy BYE! Oh you mad?!?! I ain’t sorry. (Big up King Beyonce, she has a song lyric for every situation)

Some of us have extra hours to toss around, I DO NOT.

Aside from obvious, wasting my time communicates to me that you have no consideration or respect for me and that is very hurtful. Especially during a time when the pace of my life feels like it is at warp speed.

Thankfully, I am blessed to be surrounded by a solid core of phenomenal people who do love and respect me. So when someone doesn’t, it is SUPER obvious, SUPER disrespectful, and I have no problem moving past you.

To all of you time vampires…..

bey gif

GIF Source: https://www.tumblr.com/search/sorry-by-beyonce

1 comment on “Reasons my time is in-fvcking-valuable and why I might get pissed off if you have no regard for it.

  1. You are such an amazing writer!!! I look forward to reading more in the future!!

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