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People Power

Since November 9th, 2016 I have been living in a bit of a surreal state. Somehow the candidate that I chose to ignore (  voted) was actually elected President of the United States. Then January 20th, 2017 happened and it was official official. Cheeto Satan aka Twitter Fingers aka Mr. Grab em by the Pussy became President of the United States. Every day since then, we have been bombarded with news of corruption, terrifying executive orders and other injustices taking place under the “leadership” of  45 and his administration. It has all been so much, so fast, that various reporting agencies such as the Times, NewsOne, and Politico have reported on increased anxiety and depression in the US. I often find myself panicking when I feel like I have missed or forgotten some shit they have pulled, as if me staying on top of these things, stops them. But in a time where I feel useless, this accounting of injustices helps. Well that, medical, and wine. 😏

Since January 20th, 2017, I have also been waiting for a major social justice organization to come out with a comprehensive nationwide plan to stop 45 and his administration. Local social justice organizations in San Diego have taken incredible initiative and are educating the  community in various ways.

Alliance San Diego has been holding conference calls to update San Diegans about the injustices happening in our community and to answer questions. Alliance is working day and night to ensure that they are doing all they can to support the community of San Diego.

People over Profits has been holding weekly meetings every Wednesday evening at Border X Brewing company to educate members of the community about the nation’s corrupt and unjust prison system and how it affects so many of us.

Even with these things (and many others) in place I still needed a concrete plan to stop 45 and his administration. Welp, today the ACLU put that extra donation money they have been receiving to good use and held a resistance training by the name of “People Power.” The entire event was live streamed and watch parties were organized across the nation. During the People Power live stream various people spent time laying out exactly what 45 and his administration are doing and plan to do. It wasn’t anything I didn’t already know, but was perfect for those that haven’t wrapped their brains around the totality of the many atrocities taking place under Cheeto Satan and his cronies. Along with the live stream, the ACLU released the “Freedom Cities Action Guide.”

The ACLU specified in the People Power live stream that they will first address the immigration injustices that are taking place, but that this is just the first of many actions. The Freedom Cities Action Guide is action based and a huge first step in resisting 45 and his administration.

Please check the guide out and get engaged in your communities. If you are in San Diego please check out the organizations I mentioned above. If you can’t give time, give money. 45 hasn’t even been in office for 3 months and he has launched a full-scale attack on civil liberties.

Lastly, please take time to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

self care

Whatever that looks like for you, just do it. It is imperative we stay healthy, both physically and mentally, as we navigate these times.

If the concept of self-care is new to you, here is a list of self-care links from Guerrilla Feminism to get you started!

Until next time.


Audre Lorde meme source- http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc7pq0dXQZ1qzyo7n.jpg

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  1. CabSuave

    Very informative! I feel like I actually HAVE to read the guide now! Thank you for this, and keep fighting the good fight! ✊🏾

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