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How’d You All Miss This?!

Making The World Your Witness

I’m sure Get Out was really good. I’ll get around to seeing it soon. Logan was dope, but it was also everything I’d expected it to be. The Khalief Browder Story is heartbreaking as all hell, and an eye opener to what I’m sure The United States has been attempting to ignore for decades.

But, the movie I REALLY can’t get enough of right now is Pelè: Birth Of A Legend. I mean…how’d you guys miss this one?! It’s not just about fútbol or Brazil, but about getting back in touch with your roots. It’s about not being ashamed to be who you are OUT LOUD, and for everyone to see!

To give you some of the premise, Brazil had lost both the 1950, and 1954 World Cup’s, and many blamed it on their unique, unorthodox style of play. A style called “ginga” which, according to Wikipedia, has its roots in capoeira. A martial arts style of fighting that began in the 16th century, with the slaves who’d landed in Brazil. They’d passed it off as dancing, to keep their slavemasters from stopping their practicing of the deadly art, which is, ironically, based on deception.

They’d begun to lose their identity by attempting to assimilate the playing style of certain European teams, believing the Ginga (pronounced zheen-gah) to be inferior. Changing coaches, dropping almost all the players from the previous teams, as well as adorning clothing similar to those on the covers of popular European fashion magazines.

With the times being as they are, all the light being shed on long standing issues of racism, mass incarceration and the like in these United States, how’d you guys miss this?! This is a GREAT movie about being proud to be from where you’re from, assuming your identity in this world, and making everyone see your culture for its beauty! It’s about the overlooked taking centerstage, the underdog shining in clear sight of the entire world, and lastly, yes, it’s about a beautiful game!

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