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My Rant About How My iPhone Fucked My Life

Might be my fault, but we gonna blame the inanimate object... that's the story I'm sticking to.

When the iPhone 7 dropped… I bought it. I was one of those people who didn’t care or even think twice about not having a headphone jack! Yesterday that shit came back to bite me in the ass.

Work was loud as fuck. Not only were people excessively needy, and I mean way beyond their normal neediness,  but there was also a construction crew right outside my office door working on installing new wiring for the higher speed network. Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of Christopher Wallace’s death. Can a woman just listen to Big Poppa in peace?! #RIPBIG I shut my door which kept people from being in my face every two minutes, but that did nothing to drown out the high pitch screeching from the drill and unpleasant rhythmic pounding of the hammers. Anxiety!

No problem! Got a quick solution for that; I reached for my bag to grab my wireless earbuds and lo and behold I forgot those fuckin’ things on my night stand at home. 😩😩

I then remembered, “hell yeah! I got my studio monitors (headphones) in the car!” Those are even better cuz even when off, they noise cancel like a mother … add the crisp loud music they play…. I wouldn’t hear the shit that was going on outside my door!

I walked to my car thinking life was about to be all good again! I’m happy! Like smiling, ear-to-ear happy, cuz I’m bout to drown everyyyything and everyone out. Only thing that could make my mood any better, would be the addition of some recreational goodies….  I mean wine.😏😉

I get back to my office, sit down, grab my phone …. FML!!!!! 😫  and NO, I didn’t have the stupid handy-dandy adapter, cuz it was attached to my wired powerbeats earbuds, that stay in my night stand dresser drawer cuz I use those at home.

So shout outsssssss!!!!!


. . . to my trusty work laptop for the #clutch save!

I was able to plug my headphones into it and keep it pushing without hurting anyone.

🍎 Apple, pretty please,  can we get our headphone jack back? Your AirPods are wack and ugly anyway.


Feature photo credit: David Rahimi (PhoneBuff)

4 comments on “My Rant About How My iPhone Fucked My Life

  1. CabSuave

    This new jack is a pain in the jejunum. I often have to decide between charging my phone or attempting to listen to any number of displeasing new diss track. Lol…quite the conundrum!

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  2. And that is exactly why I stuck with my Iphone 6S cause I am not using those ugly ass ear buds that go with the Iphone 7. Can you imagine me sitting in the trolley with those stupid ass things hanging out of my ears. NOT~ so, I am hoping Apple gets their shit together and the Iphone 7S or 8 gives brings back the phone jack! If I want wireless I just use Bluetooth!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yessss! I actually bought the Samsung wireless earbuds and they are pretty awesome but I agree, we should have the headphone jack back…


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