Valentine’s Day Hangovers

Seek, And Ye Shall Find

So….now that Valentine’s Day has been over for quite a while, and most of you have gotten out either your undying disdain for the holiday, or your unrequited love for it, what comes next?

I, myself, being a hopelessly romantic kind of guy, am absolutely in love with the idea of showing my love ANY day of the year. But, celebrate even more so, because we have the holiday to do so. So, what I am asking all of you is what do you do with all that love the other 364 days of this year?

Do you have rainy day romantic gourmet ramen and sake hot spots? Are you planning any quick, weekend getaways? Any walks through the park with your favorite red wine? Or do you just muck on back to obscurity, and the monotony of your 9-5 job and virtually loveless 5-9 routine?

With Spring almost literally right around the corner, and new and interesting things popping up everywhere, it’d be a shame to waste your youth Netflixing and chilling. Be corny when you die, and maybe not even then! Fuck it, man!! Throw caution to the wind! Go see what that new Thai-Cuban spot is all about! Find some cool outdoor concert to shake your usually sedentary buns to!
Get creative! You too, ladies! Surprise your man by showing up at his job as soon as he gets off, and whisk him away to the nearest out-of-state four star restaurant, and some late night dancing and drinks! Show off those moves you learned at that pole-dancing, or belly dancing class you took in secret! Fellas, we don’t need a holiday to have your special lady’s boss send her home from work (because you called and requested that she have a day off in advance), and have the driver pick her up and take her to the Chanel store for her dress that she’s gonna wear to a magnificent French brunch at that new spot you caught her drooling to while watching the Food Network.

My point is that there is romance everywhere, and in everything, should you be so willing to find it. Explore. Live a little, without breaking the bank. Or maybe break that bitch, and live with the shopper’s remorse later. Life is made up of a sequence of either great or mundane moments. Why not fill your scrapbook with some interesting dates? You may just learn something dope about your significant other, or God forbid, yourself!

About CabSuave

37....I am an architecture loving, fashion craving, culinarily curious big kid-at-heart! I'm never too assuming, and have a life goal of leaving the world a better place than the place I was born into!

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