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Love It and Fix It….

To all those arrogant, single-minded, blindly loyal keepers of the double-standard who dare to ask “If you don’t like this country, why don’t you go back home?”…I have an answer for you. You’re not gonna like it!

Why don’t I go back home? Because, like it or not, THIS is now my home. You have your ancestors to thank for that. Because, THIS is the country, right or wrong, whether I am in disagreement or not of their actions, that my predecessors have chosen to pledge their allegiance to. To lay down their lives to, in the service of a country that has yet to pay them their due!

Why don’t I go back home? Because, like me or not, I stand as an indictment to your red, white, blue, AND NEVER BLACK flag!! I am here because you need to be reminded of your evils, your transgressions and the debt you owe my people. You owe me!!! YOU OWE US ALL!!! You owe the Native Americans. You owe the Africans, as well as the African-Americans. You owe the Chinese and the Jews. Every time you tell one of us to go back home, we will remind you of the promise you backed out on. Or have you forgotten the words; “And to the republic, for which it stands, one nation. Under God, WITH LIBERTY, AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!”? Seems to me that somewhere “all” became subjective, and no longer includes us ALL. Anybody else feel like they should’ve read the fine print?!

Why don’t I go back home? Because, like it or not, THIS LAND IS MY LAND, TOO!! If you don’t like it, curse your ancestors for bringing me here! Why don’t I go back home? This is just as much my home as it is yours, and if I don’t belong here, neither do you….FOREIGNER!! Which tribe do YOU hail from?! Which war did you fight in, giving you claim to this land that my people have not?! Your arrogance will be tolerated no longer. Your ignorance will be given no platform nor your insolence an audience! This country is rotten. Always has been. Love it or leave shall NOT be the choices of the intelligent, for it be with thee the power to change the soil in which groweth the rotting tree! We will NOT be made to leave, without seeing you and your ugly disease spreading, plague creating, germ infested soul and doctrine board the first vessels!! We will fix what you have broken, and don’t you DARE take credit for this, too, with your Gods of Egypt, and your Great Wall starring Matt Damon history stealing ass!! Why don’t I go back home? Because, I am your reckoning!! The cure to you! And, when you are eradicated from this country, we may all, then, breathe in peace. Until then, I am here. I am EVERYWHERE, and I will make you HATE IT!! I will be better at everything you do. I will be more gracious at everything, and the people will love me more, no matter which lies you tell the world of my people! The black soul is the reckoning of the plague spread by racism, and The United States of America is the most infected body on the planet. Ask me again, while you regurgitate due to your own self-inflicted sickness, why I won’t leave. Can you imagine a world without me?! There’d be no stopping your madness!

Why won’t I go home? This is my home, and I will allow you to infect it no more. Why won’t I go home? Because YOU are still here!!

About CabSuave

37....I am an architecture loving, fashion craving, culinarily curious big kid-at-heart! I'm never too assuming, and have a life goal of leaving the world a better place than the place I was born into!

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