Ladies: Top signs you arent your Man’s Woman on February 14th.

Just a quick peek inside the mind of the man around Forced Affection Day, especially if you arent sure where you sit in the pecking order of yo “mans” digital fanbase.

1. If you dont hear from your “Man” before 6pm…….

2. If you call and go straight to voicemail and you know he aint at work, school, or locked up.

3. Youve never met his “boy” he always texting or hanging out with.

4. He is always playing basketball, but doesnt own a decent pair of bball shoes, or no sign of a gymbag.

5. He knows NONE of your sizes.

6. You’ve never been out in public in or near his zip code.

7. You always at YOUR spot to do the deed.

8. You get a heart shaped reeses peanut butter cup and a $5 starbucks gift card on “special occasions.

9. He dont wanna meet your friends.

10. He doesnt know what you do for a living,  but knows the netflix password at ya spot.

About J. Boykin

Sports and Politics are my two passions in life. I welcome supporting and differing opinions, however we must agree that there can be only one set of facts. Do not confuse my political views (Progressive, Liberal) with being bashful, timid, weak, or some kind of "snowflake". I am what you get when you mix the Temptations with KRS-ONE. Add a splash of New Edition and Stuart Scott (RIP). My goal is to be the Blog-child that Angela Rye and Rachel Maddow could never have. Please follow me on Twitter @JVBoykin

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