Wear your MAGA with Pride…. 

Shoutout to the folks in post elecrion Trumpmerica that wear their “Make America Great Again” merch.   Just in the past couple days alone ive seen several peeps at the gym with their Trump tanks, MAGA hats, and my personal fave “Liberals Suck”.   Yall get props because usually it takes me a couple posts and comments on social media to identify the folks who have no problem with racism, misogyny, and bigotry.   Now, thanks to the merch….. I dont even have to interact with you to know all I need to know about you.

About J. Boykin

Sports and Politics are my two passions in life. I welcome supporting and differing opinions, however we must agree that there can be only one set of facts. Do not confuse my political views (Progressive, Liberal) with being bashful, timid, weak, or some kind of "snowflake". I am what you get when you mix the Temptations with KRS-ONE. Add a splash of New Edition and Stuart Scott (RIP). My goal is to be the Blog-child that Angela Rye and Rachel Maddow could never have. Please follow me on Twitter @JVBoykin

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