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Women Who Inspire

This week has been exhausting, to say the least. I, like many, am in mourning for the loss of a great leader and first family; of course we knew this day would come because all presidential terms end, but still, it stings. Then to gaining some dude, that I am not even sure fully understands his new job description and we can certainly not refer to as a leader, to being subjected to the possibility of losing some of our basic rights as women, healthcare, equality and so much more… yeah this week can suck it!

But, today is the #WomensMarch and as I scrolled through Twitter reading some of reasons why women around the world are marching, I noticed a hashtag trending, #WomenWhoHaveInspiredMe, so I thought its probably best to put on our big girl chonies, that’s Spanish slang for undies for those of you who just raised an eyebrow, and push through with the positivity. With that being said, who is the woman/women that inspire you? Don’t be shy fellas, I know there are some bad-ass women out there who inspire you too! Go!!

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3 comments on “Women Who Inspire

  1. I’ve always been inspired by my Mom. Long story, but she’s lead a very interesting life which culminated (in my humble opinion) in her attaining her master’s of science in electrical engineering. The woman has been through ALOT!! More than any woman should have to go through. But, she never gave up.

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  2. CabSuave

    She most certainly was!

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